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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding ฿399 booking fee.

Practical information

Dubai has much to offer. But what do you have to keep in mind? Check out the overview below.

  • Geography: Dubai is part of the seven United Arab Emirates. It has an area of 4.114 square kilometers and has a population of 2.268.986. Approximately 85% of the population are expats.
  • Climate: Dubai has sub-tropical climate and it barely rains. Temperature is on average 26˚C during the winter. Are you planning to go during the summer? The temperature could rise up to 40˚C.
  • Currency: The VAE dirham (AED).
  • Dress code: It is not recommended to wear revealing clothes as they can be seen as provoking. Bikinis and bathing suits are allowed in swimming pools and hotels.
  • Visa/Passport: Citizens of Ireland are required to have a pasport which is valid for a minimum of 6 months upon return to Ireland from the United Arab Emirates. After you show it at the airport, you wil get a visa of 30 days.
  • Exchange office: The exchange offices are often available 24 hours a day and are located at the airports and shopping centres.
  • Car rental: Car rentals are possible with an international driving license.
  • Required travel documents: The rules and regulations of travel documents and visa applications change frequently. There can also be different requirements. On the website of the visa service the required and current information is listed.
  • Health: Information about the (mandatory) vaccinations change constantly. For current information please check your local health services online or consult your GP surgery.
*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding ฿399 booking fee.

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