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What is the tallest skyscraper in North America?

Ever wondered what the tallest skyscrapers are in North America? Discover towering skyscrapers and go up the highest floor! With skyscrapers at almost two thousand feet in Canada, to famous thousand feet skyscrapers in the city of New York, you'll never be able to imagine how tall these buildings are until you're standing in front of it. This list of 20 Tallest Skyscrapers will have you hopping on an elevator to the top floor!

Discover towering skyscrapers in Canada, New York, and more!

#1 CN Tower - Toronto

1,815 Feet with 147 Floors

The 'CN' in CN Tower in Toronto, Canada stands for 'Canadian National". It is one of Toronto's most iconic attractions with an amazing observation deck for tourists.

#2 One World Trade Center - New York

1,776 Feet with 104 Floors

The World Trade Center in New York, nicknamed the "Freedom Tower", consists of 3 million square feet of office space and is the tallest building in the United States.

#3 Central Park Tower - New York

1,550 Feet with 95 Floors

The Central Park Tower in New York is known as the Nordstrom Tower because it houses Nordstrom's first department store ever and takes up an entire 7 floors!

#4 Willis Tower - Chicago

1,451 Feet with 108 Floors

Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois is a building that houses over 100 different businesses. It is an office space filled with companies that range from law to transportation.

#5 First Bank Tower - Toronto

1,165 Feet with 72 Floors

The First Bank Tower in Canada is found in the Financial District of Toronto. It is the headquarters for the Bank of Montreal and is the second tallest building in Canada.

Where else are the tallest skyscrapers?

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