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Book your flights to the Pacific also geographically referred to as Oceania. The Pacific comprises the islands located in the southern Pacific Ocean that extend south of the Malay Archipelago and eastwards towards the Americas. Travelers booking flights to the Pacific will experience numerous cultures and geographical regions including cities such as Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne and beautiful tropical islands.

Why fly to the Pacific?

When booking flights to the Pacific travellers must bear in mind that the region is divided into four distinct areas: Polynesia, a triangle of islands extending as far north as Hawaii, as far East as the Easter Island and south to New Zealand’s southern islands. Polynesia offers a variety of climates, multicultural cities, and tropical islands. The largest cities in Polynesia include (Honolulu, Hawaii and Auckland, New Zealand).

What are the cheapest Pacific cities to fly into?

How do I find the cheapest flights to the Pacific?

Tip 1:
Flights to the Pacific can be cheaper last minute, but this isn’t always the case. We recommend that you try to book 4-5 months in advance for the cheapest flights to the Pacific. The price of flights can vary due to the season and availability.

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